Pastor Granger and Illinois State Trooper event at Lincoln Middle School

Too often, law enforcement officials are looked at negatively these days based on the wrongful actions of a few. That sentiment has damaged the relationships between these officers and the communities they serve. However, most officers want to do a good job and be an asset to their communities. This requires rebuilding positive relationships with citizens of all ages. This is the reason Illinois state police troopers visited Lincoln Middle School recently.
Kendall Granger, pastor of New Life Community Church located in East St. Louis, is committed to “building strong families” in his church and throughout his childhood home of East St. Louis, IL. Part of that commitment requires having children who have the opportunity to excel and reach their full potential. Unfortunately, too many children get caught up with law enforcement early in life and find themselves following a pathway leading to a more unsure future. That is why Pastor Granger got involved with this activity.
Pastor Granger has a gift for reaching people of all ages. Personal responsibility for one’s choices is one of the main messages he preaches to young and old alike. As a trusted and respected community leader, he was positioned to help the students at Lincoln Middle School see law enforcement officials in a different light and learn how to deal with them appropriately. Based on this activity, we hope to see the beginning of improved relationships between the police and the community, as well as fewer children in East St. Louis making choices that derail their futures. Perhaps some of the students impacted will even grow up and become law enforcement officials.

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