*Serve 20,000+ people though the job training, food bank, health education, wellness initiatives, crime rehabilitation, and financial service offerings within the East St. Louis Community Life Center.





*Create and secure 250+ new jobs to provide employment that support the building of strong families {Create new business in need of employees; Create a pipeline feeder system with corporations and small businesses to secure viable employment opportunities.


*Open a daycare center to serve 500+ families who seek to prepare their children for the pre-K and kindergarten experience;

*Provide mentoring, tutoring, and life skill training for 500+elementary, middle, and high school students to ensure their successful advancement and personal independence;

*Engage 500+ seniors to receive viable legal, health, and caregiver initiatives to improve their quality of life and preparation for better living.


1 Youth Center

*Open a stand alone Youth center dedicated to their growth, play, fellowship, and well-being in a safe environment.